Yoga therapy

Why Yoga therapy?
Yoga therapy is a client-centred approach to empowering individuals to move towards greater health, well-being and quality of life through the application of the practices of yoga.


In yoga therapy we use physical practices, breathing exercises, meditation, guided visualisations and talking therapies to support you on a path of holistic healing. Initial sessions begin with an interview to assess where you are, and what your goals for therapy are. Through assessments of the way you stand and move and breathe, we arrive collaboratively at the best initial practice for you. You will be guided in this practice, and end with a tailored restorative practice. 

Optimal results can be achieved if a client can continue the practice at home, so we find ways to facilitate this, either by creating recordings on the client’s phone or other device so they can be listened to independently, or by scribing the practices in a way that the client can easily follow them at home. Initial appointments are 90 minutes, and followups are 60-90 minutes.

I have had some wonderful results working with clients with conditions including hypermobility, asthma, low back pain, Crohns disease and ankylosing spondylitis. All of these clients worked with me over the course of at least five sessions, and we have had results such as: 

  • decreasing experience of pain relating from hypermobility and ankylosing spondylitis;

  • increasing lung capacity measured with a peak flow meter for asthma;

  • reducing experience of stress levels that can result in Crohns disease flare-ups;

  • increasingly sleep quality and overall feeling of well-being in all clients. 


I have found that the best healing results can be achieved through a minimum of three therapy sessions and I have a special package deal to support this. The exchange for therapy is:

£90 for the first appointment
£60 for 2nd follow-up appointment
£30 for 3rd follow-up appointment
£180 for 3 appointments booked at the same time

Therapy sessions are held at my home in Sidcup, south-east London (address given on booking). 


Clients testimonials

With the yoga therapy, I have noticed a reduction in stiffness particularly in my ribs and neck. The practices were achievable and provided targets that helped me feel like I was taking positive steps. The overall effect was relaxing and therapeutic. The quality of Donna’s teaching was high and made allowances for the high level of pain that I experienced going into my first session. I felt confident that I was being listened to, and supported at every step of the way.
— Ankylosing Spondylitis client 2018
During my yoga therapy sessions, we worked on issues I was experiencing ranging from my back injury to my sleeplessness to how my hypermobility on my everyday life and my yoga practice. Donna was fabulous in her ability to understand my issues and design me a programme working towards goals that evolved as my targets were being met. Her knowledge of both anatomy and yoga are aided greatly by her being able to think on her feet. These qualities have been a gift to me, and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Donna.
— Hypermobility client 2017
Yoga therapy has given me a greater understanding of how to change my breathing, and use different parts of my lungs. It has made me more aware of how I breathe on a daily basis. Donna was great at explaining how and why the exercises work so I could explore them better. She took time to ask questions about my asthma, and came up with different ways to shape our sessions and to try different things. She was supportive and informative. I found the voice recordings really useful as they helped me to focus during my home practice, and Donna’s drawings were really useful in helping me to be sure I was doing it correctly. Donna has given me some great tools to use going forwards, both in general yoga practice, but also in everyday life. I am looking forward to my next annual doctors checkup: usually I am reprimanded for not using my medication regularly. Now I feel empowered from the yoga therapy results [increase of 7% in lung capacity peak measure using peak flow meter] to argue that I only now need to use medication for occasional symptom relief, and can avoid continually putting extra steroids into my body.
— Asthma client 2017