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Hi! I’m Donna. I’m a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2006 and I’m passionate about sharing how yoga can help EVERYONE!

How can I serve you?


Yoga Therapy

Do you have a feeling or have you heard that yoga could help you? Does it feel daunting or scary to go to a yoga studio? Do you have a condition that means it might be a challenge to join a group class? Do you feel like you need some hand-holding to start yoga? Would you love to work with me to improve the levels of JOY in your life? If your answer to any of these questions is YES then I would love to serve you with some YOGA THERAPY.


Wisdom Goddess Yoga

Are you a woman who is feeling stressed by the challenges of career or raising a family? Would you love some time out to nourish the needs of your body? To fill up your cup so that your cup is overflowing and you are able to fulfil your life role from a place of joy and nourishment? Are you a woman of peri-menopausal or menopausal age who would LOVE to experience yoga which is supportive to the needs of your body? If the answer is YES then I would love to serve you WISDOM GODDESS YOGA.


Radiant Goddess Prenatal Yoga

Are you a pregnant goddess who would LOVE a luscious,  supportive  prenatal  yoga  experience  to  nourish  their  body through  pregnancy,  and  give  you  the  physical,  mental  and  spiritual  fortitude  to  give  birth  and  move  into  motherhood  with  strength  and  grace? Would you love to be cared for by a woman who has given birth twice, using yoga to inform her birth experiences, and is also a trained doula (birthing partner)? If your answer is YES then I would love to serve you RADIANT GODDESS PRENATAL YOGA. 


Nartana Yoga School

Do you have a dream of deepening your yoga practice, learning more about the wonderful, ancient-rooted practices that more you feel so good? Are you dreaming of becoming a yoga teacher but need a course which is modular and fits around the needs of your current job or family, giving you the time, space and support to integrate the teachings at each step, finding confidence and authenticity? I would love to serve you or NARTANA YOGA SCHOOL teacher training courses.



I particularly love sharing yoga practices with women, tailored for their time of life, whether that is enjoying cultivating strength and empowerment, boosting fertility, enjoying both the pre- and post-natal times of life, practices transitioning through menopause to our wisdom state and beyond.

On a 1-to-1 therapy basis, I have had wonderful results working with clients with conditions including hypermobility, asthma, low back pain, Crohns disease and ankylosing spondylitis. I have written in my blog about some of the practices, so please do read if you’d like to know more.

In 2017, I launched Nartana Yoga School, my school for yoga teacher training.

So whether you feel you would benefit from an introduction to yoga, or a tailored practice to help you find greater quality of life, or whether you are seeking to deepen their practice and perhaps set set out on a yoga teaching path, I would love to work with you!

Donna x


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