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5 Day Post-Christmas Cleanse + Yoga

Christmas and New Year Detox

Let’s begin 2019 with a short seasonal health cleanse post the festive season! Traditional medicine does not consider the colder winter months suitable for cleansing but after Christmas and New Year most people feel cold, heavy, lethargic, sluggish, tired, bloated and depleted. In Ayurvedic terms we call this “Kapha”.

With this in mind, Justine Evans and Donna Gerrard have developed a short cleanse as a “pick me up” to restore a little balance. It’s not specifically Ayurvedic, although we are increasing “agni” (digestive fire), utilising warming seasonal foods, cleansing Kriya breaths and yoga techniques to help restore balance.

The initial two days help prepare your body and begin the detoxification process. The last three days are more intense, so will be during a weekend.

This online cleansing event includes:

  • Daily yoga practice and Kriya breath work lead by Donna (FB live and a downloadable PDF)

  • Nutrition, recipes and naturopathic support from Justine (private FB group)

  • Recipes for an alkaline balancing, colon cleansing smoothie daily

  • Eating healthy warming colon and kidney cleansing seasonal food

  • Natural remedy and tongue scraper to support detoxification, ease the liver and kidneys and cleanse the bowel

This is a simple cleanse which does not require too much cooking, a slow cooker is perfect if you have one! 

Cost: £35