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The Love Journey

  • The Sussex Country Yurt Naboths, Northlands Road Warnham, West Sussex RH12 3SQ. United Kingdom (map)

The Love Journey continues the Goddess Mandala Yoga series of workshops.

In the first workshop, we worked with the energies of the Spring Equinox, the time of balance between the dark and the light, to make space in our lives for that which we most desire, and invite that in. We worked with the transitioning energy between Air at the the top of the Wheel of the Year, to Fire, at the western Spring Equinox point of the wheel of the year. The peak asana that anchored the practice was Svarga Dvijasana, sometimes known in English as 'Bird of Paradise', but I like to think of it as the Phoenix, the Embodiment of Air and Fire.

In this second workshop, we will work with the energies of Beltane, the May festival, the energies of the Goddess as Lover.

The journey to love of ourselves can be challenging, when we are continually bombarded with images designed to make us feel unworthy, and that feeling of emptiness and lack of worth is exploited to encourage us to buy all the things to make us feel better, more perfect, more loveable.

The workshop will share a wealth of practices to bring us back to Self, and set us on the journey to self-love as a basis for wholeness for life.

The peak asanas to anchor our practices will be backbends, with options to inclusively accommodate all bodies and levels of physical practice.

The investment for the workshop is £30, including a gift bag to support your onward journey of love in all forms!

‘Early bird’ £10 discount if you book before 7th April 2019 with a promo code: LOVE10